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Captain America: civil war pixel patterns

We Love Cozy : Captain America: civil war pixel patterns

zondag 15 mei 2016

Captain America: civil war pixel patterns

So I am a bit of a comic freak. And yes I also love the Avenger movies andere Captain America is my favorite for sure! So one day I desided that I was going to make a Avenger blanket for my son (who also love the Avengers) but I really don't like large projects so it is still not finished at all!

So I desided to make a bunting instead (still working on that one though) with the pixels embroided on them! And this works great!

You can find the carts here!

But now with the Civil War in the cinema my son also wanted some characters from that movie but I could not find any charts online so I made some up for myself.


Scarlet Witch

I think they have worked out great!
So today I am going to share these charts with you! Nice huh?

Ant man

Winter Soldier

War Machine

Scarlet Witch



And since I was working on those charts I also created some bad guys!

Dr Doom

Red Skull

Have fun you all!

When you have made a item with this patterns please put a link to this blog when you publish it on social media. 
Please do not publish this pattern as your own, I have put a lot of work in writing and translating it. 
When you sell a finished product please refer to ¬©We Love Cozy.  
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