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Elephant baby graphgan

We Love Cozy : Elephant baby graphgan

zaterdag 2 april 2016

Elephant baby graphgan

Okay, large projects are not my kind of juice. I have tried several times to make a graphgan or blanket but I have never finished one.

O no I did finish one for my niece her birthday! I am so proud of this one!

But for my own children I have started but never finished one.

UFO number 1 a ripple blanket for my oldest daughter. Nice and cozy for the winter but oops it's spring already!
You can find the free pattern here

UFO number 2 an avenger pixel graphgan for my sons avenger room, oh well I have just finished a pixel wall painting so he is satisfied for now 😉
You can find the pixels chards here

Pixel wall painting

And, stupid me, for my challenge I had desided to make a graphgan in corner to corner style, yes this one could really work and yes I will finish this one for sure... Well in my dreams maybe because I have started this graphgan in februari and in april it's still not finished and baptised in UFO number 3.

So for the letter E I have made a quick baby toy and the graphgan lies in a bag in the 'still have to finish' corner.

So I have desided to share my pixel pattern with you guys and hope someone is more consistent as I am and will finish it!

So have fun with it and please let me know when you did finished this cute design!

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