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All year round challenge: F from Flamingo

We Love Cozy : All year round challenge: F from Flamingo

vrijdag 15 april 2016

All year round challenge: F from Flamingo

>>>Click here for Dutch<<<

I have seen so much crocheted purses that I actually got sick of it, but when I saw this purse brace for 1 euro I had to try it at least one time.
In my challenge I am a bit behind so I went for a simple pattern.


  • Catania cotton in any color you like
  • Hook size (3mm)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Purse brace

Questions & Answers

Q: How to make a magic ring? 
A: Click here for the video. 

Q: How to decrease invicible? 
A: Put the hook through the front loop of the first 2 stitches and work your stitch like normal.


Sc = single crochet
Slst = slipstitch
Sc2tog = 2 single crochet together


Round 1: 8 sc in magic ring
Round 2: 2 sc in each st (16 st)
Round 3: 2 in 1th st, 1 in the next (24 st)
Round 4: 2 sc, * 2 in the next st, 3 in the next 3 st * repeat 7 times, 2 in next st, 1 sc (32 st)
Round 5: 2 in 1th st, 4 in the next (40 st)
Round 6:  2 sc, * 2 in the next st, 5 in the next 5 st * repeat 7 times, 2 in next st, 3 sc 48 st)
Round 7: 2 in 1th st, 6 in the next (56 st)
Round 8: 3 sc, * 2 in the next st, 7 in the next 7 st * repeat 7 times, 2 in next st, 3 sc (64 st)
Round 9: 2 in 1th st, 8 in the next (72 st)
Now it fits my brace, if yours is smaller or bigger increase or decrease a round or 2.

Round 10 - 28: 1 sc around (72 st)
Optional: join new color
Round 29: * 5 sc, sc2tog * repeat 10 times sc to end
Round 30: 1 sc around (62 st), stst, bind of, leave long tail.
Now sew one side on the brace and make sure you have equal amouth of stitches on both sizes of the brace (I had 7 on both sizes) and skip these and sew the other size on the brace

Now the magic comes in! We are going tot embroider in cross stitch a flamingo I have designed. Click here for an tutorial.
Always go from left to right.

I weaved a thread in so I had an idea on where to start.

When you have made a purse with this pattern please put a link to this blog when you publish it on social media. 
Please do not publish this pattern as your own, I have put a lot of work in writing and translating it. 
When you sell a finished product please refer to ¬©We Love Cozy. 

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Op 1 mei 2016 om 10:02 , Anonymous Anoniem zei...

Je hebt helemaal gelijk Frieda, ik had het patroon ook graag in het Nederlands gezien.


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